My Biggest Regret in CrossFit

So today marks 10 years of CrossFit for me. I was thinking about doing “10 lessons in 10 years” as a post but then this one came to me.

Back in 2007, we didn’t really know what CrossFit was. We’d hit things hard, fly out the gate, then spend most of the workout going “oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck” and then following it up with another manic burst before feeling we were going to pass out. Limp to the last few reps. Find the energy to speed through them. Then lie on the floor for a bit and wonder when we got to do it again.


Back in the old CrossFit Journal, an ad for something called “The CrossFit Games” was posted, with a $500 cash prize! It was going to be held in some place called Aromas, and featured three workouts over two days.


I didn’t go.

I mean, I could have. I could have found the money and booked the flights and figured out a place to stay. I could have been a Games athlete. I could have been part of the very first ever competition in this great sport of ours. But I didn’t go. Because I was afraid. Maybe not afraid, but definitely felt like it wasn’t for me. Those great trips (and greatness in all it’s forms) was not for someone like me. I let the opportunity pass me by for no real reason other than I didn’t feel like I deserved to be there.

The possibilities and connections it could have opened up would have been amazing! And it’s unimaginable how different my career would have been had I taken the shot. Taken the shot on something I wasn’t ready for. Or didn’t feel like I deserved to experience truly awesome things like that.

What’s worse, is a year later when I was still doing CrossFit, I could have gone to the 2008 Games! Again I didn’t go!

That could have been me running up that hill!

That could have been me running up that hill!

So I guess this is why I now feel it’s my mission to help people overcome their own self imposed limitations, and not count themselves out of the race before it’s even run. Instead of looking at something that has amazing upsides, but definitely carries you outside your comfort zone, and saying “no way!” or “that’s impossible” we can imagine how amazing it would be, or think “maybe, just maybe” and give it a shot!

I want to inspire people in the way I needed to be inspired back then. Fuck it. Give it a go. Take the risk and dare greatly.

Livin my Mission :)

Livin my Mission :)

The lesson really is to not limit yourself before you’ve even tried. Sure it’s scary, it really is. Nothing great comes from playing small and within yourself. So go chase that dream, especially if it’s “impossible” 🙂

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