Three Months In

So we had our quarterly review last week. And since we had cheesecake I figured this is a blog for Cheesecake & Barbells rather than the company blog.

Company Retreat Number One

Company Retreat Number One

I suppose the big thing to talk about is am I happy? Now, I am. But I wasn’t for quite some time.

Everyone kept telling me “you must be delighted?”. Note I said telling and not asking. But I genuinely wasn’t.

I was petrified really, and it was not good for me. I’d held this belief that I knew what to do to make a successful affiliate and now all my chips were on the table. I’d rolled the dice and I just had to see where it all landed.

I wasn’t sleeping. My heart rate was always elevated. And there really is a limit to how much coffee you can put into your system.


So what did it take?

Honestly, therapy. I needed to talk to someone outside of the whole thing who could help me see what I had rather than focus on what I’d lost to get it, or what I still had to accomplish.

The big problem (for me at least) is not having a great marker for what “it” is, and therefore you can never tell or confirm when you’ve hit it. Added to that there is no tectonic shift when you do hit a goal. 100 clients? Cool. Doesn’t magically feel any different from 99 or 98. That’s why it’s important for me to write this and take stock of what I’ve got when I walk through the doors of T27 Rowan Avenue.

Finally, after 3 iterations, I think I’ve the CrossFit gym I always set out to have. The place I didn’t have for myself way back in 2007. I wanted a place that had a welcoming energy about it, where everyone cared for everyone and as a result pushed people past what they thought possible of themselves. One Team, One Mission, right? The mission is striving for excellence, and enjoying the journey.

Today was just a great example of that 🙂


And now, some praise for #DerekDavis.

I remember when I left my old company, Derek asked me what my plan was. While it was at the time unformed exactly, I knew CrossFit Ireland wasn’t dead and buried.

At some point Derek asked if working with him again was something I’d consider. Honestly, I had to think about it. Firstly, did I want another business partner again? I mean, there’s risks involved there 😛 Sure it can seem appealing that you’ve someone to share the load (and blame) but it can mean a loss of control. There can be issues with who does what, and where the buck stops.

Now I can blame anything on the giant teddy bear :)

Now I can blame anything on the giant teddy bear :)

We talked about it, purely as friends, for quite some time before deciding to work together. This wasn’t something either of us was going to enter into lightly. We talked about what the value of working with each other would be, and what the pitfalls were that we wanted to avoid.

When we decided to give it a go, we then spoke a lot about what we wanted CFI 3.0 to be. I think this large scale planning and discussion has helped the new business grow considerably in such a short space.

Derek’s been far more impressive an employee for the new company than I expected. He’s an A player.

(Not Playa, there’s a difference between an “-a” and an “-er”)

A simple example is how one day I said off hand that we should ‘at some point’ paint the cubby holes. Two days later I get a text from Derek (on a Saturday afternoon no less) saying the first coat was on, and the second coat would be applied on the Sunday. Sure, it’s just some paint, but it’s impressive how much work he puts in.

It’s not just a business. Sure, it’s a vehicle for money. But it’s also my passion. It’s also a measure of my worth. What mark I leave behind on this earth. With #DerekDavis, I get that sense of ownership, pride, drive, and hustle that I never had before.

We haven’t gotten everything right. And the thing is you never really know what’s right. All you can really do is what you think is best. Call the play, run the route, and then see what’s next.

Our hope is that we can spot the things we’ve gotten wrong early and adjust/improve them in such a way that minimises damage and builds up the business.

Let’s see where the next three months take us.

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