The Greatest Clip in All of Cinema History

This possibly definitely is the greatest clip in all of cinema history.

Firstly, it’s from one of my treasured childhood movies, The Three Amigos. I can remember watching and rewatching this many times as a boy. Sure, I’d no idea what was going on because my attention span wasn’t that great, but I still remember it fondly.

Secondly, it teaches us all what a ‘plethora‘ is. Plethora is such a beautiful word, and it’s not nearly used as much as it should be. Let alone in a Mexican accent, which only serves to amplify its hilarity.

Thirdly, it delves into psychology, how El Guapo misdirects his anger and his subordinate, Jefe. I think there’s a subtle and often missed lesson here, one we all could apply more in our daily lives and with our loved ones.

Fourthly, it teaches many many things about the ways of women.

Finally, it’s nice to see that even El Guapo and Jefe, technically employer and employee, can step outside their roles and offer each other friendly advice to aid in each others personal growth.

Really, the whole thing is a masterpiece.

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