Ranting about CF Competitions


As far as I’m concerned, and this is just my opinion, CrossFit competitions should test for the following, in order: virtuosity of movement; strength; engine; and then possibly endurance in the end.

Add in the clause that movements shouldn’t really repeat themselves a lot and ideally the participants shouldn’t have to wait weeks before they can train again. If you pull from the floor heavy once, that’s probably enough.

At higher end CrossFit comps, the best mover always wins. This isn’t always the case, and Diamond Dave’s athletes often excel. This isn’t 100% true all the time, but I always feel the best mover should win. Glassman’s Virtuosity article rings true to me here.

I guess this is why I love the snatch. The full snatch, done right into a deep squat, without a press out. Well, you just can’t fake that. And this is why “Amanda” is such a kick ass workout. It also pisses me off when I see pressed out, knee on the floor snatches accepted by HQ in Regionals, why not make the snatch the same standards as in Olympic Weightlifting comps?

Spotters are another irk of mine. I get that these people are volunteers giving up their Saturday, but standards between spotters at local comps varies incredibly. Kettlebell lockouts aren’t understood or enforced, and they don’t know where to stand to check depth in Overhead Squats, nor even know what below parallel means.

The problem lies in people doing 3-4 metcons a week don’t have the same appreciation of movement as someone who ends up watching 3-5 metcons a day coaching. The more developed your eye is the easier you can spot faults and flaws. (Random aside, basketball players can spot the bear in this video first time, because their brains are used to watching basketball, so it takes less energy to count the passes than a non basketball player. Boom, I just hit you up with some knowledge.)

Again, these are people giving up their Saturday so you can compete in your sport, so props have to go out to that, and you can’t get angry at them. People forget this in the heat of battle and think their judge is out to get them, when it’s just not the case. Further down the road I see CFHQ do a judge’s course to let people work at Regionals, a Level 1 not being enough anymore.

With all that being said, I still like competition. Any and every test is imperfect, particularly given our sport. And if you cant walk away from something like this with some learning points you’ve probably wasted your time. I need to recognise I’m not great at grunt work. Just that shut your mind off and go go go! Considering I’m travelling all the way to Copenhagen this Saturday for another comp and they’re cutting after two events, I would want to bring my redzone game!

Rant over. I may even get back to blogging more regularly now as well.

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