Getting Coached, Yo!

I didn’t make this up, but it’s a pretty good reflection of today.

Started getting Spencer to take a look at my lifts, which haven’t been going anywhere in a while. Although, I did get a 1Kg PB on my clean on Saturday, woohoo!

Amazingly, I do a bunch wrong. But of course I couldn’t see that, or if I could, I couldn’t fix it, so now my nightly ritual is cutting together videos of myself and emailing them to some guy in Texas. Then the next day he sends me back commentary through a nifty little iPhone app called Coach’s Eye. It’s a pretty cool app, I’d advise you to go and download it now.

First point of critique, my pull from the floor sucks. There’s a bunch of other stuff wrong, but at least I’ve got something to concentrate on now.

Also, I did my first swimming lesson with these people today. Apparently, there’s some element of technique to swimming, and I’m even a worse swimmer than I am a runner. I don’t care what anyone says, chicks dig heel strikes.

Last week it was taking me about 28-30 strokes to cross 25m in the pool, and taking about 50 seconds. For those who don’t know, this isn’t fast. At all.

Today though I took the plunge (Did you like that pun?). Ashley, my coach, told gave me a bunch of drills and by the end I could cross in 21 strokes. That’s pretty cool to me. She reckons I can get it down to 15 too, which almost sounds like it’s decent.

Stuff I learnt and will be drilling out of me before the next session:

  • I keep driving my head too deep (TWSS). Seriously, I submerge it instead of just getting my face wet (hehehehe).
  • I’m too choppy with my arms.
  • I don’t push against the water to propel myself.
  • I don’t kick when I breathe.

Finally, before I go, this is awesome:

It’s cool live too:

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