Seriously Guys I’m About to Pass Out

You know, that was my first Fran since this one:

That one didn’t count, because the butterflies didn’t clear the bar (although apparently some Games competitors don’t need to clear the bar anyway). That one I trained for and knew was coming up. This one I didn’t. Where the fuck were the High Bars? That’s what Saturday is for!

Happy to do Fran though. Had no strategy, and certainly no mental gear to do Fran, but it was good to do a tired Fran. Because I’m already thinking “man, I could have done better. I’ve a better Fran in me.” CrossFit Amnesia truly is a wonderful thing.

I did discover that returning to a full front rack was wearing me down, so in the 15s and 9s I just held a full grip of the bar for the Thrusters. Didn’t cost me much, and kept the arms fresh for the pull ups. Having done literally feic all butterflies in months, I could bust them out relatively easily today. Just need to add some speed to them.

Now, if only I could figure out how to lean back and snatch above 90Kg again. Then 100Kg. Then 110Kg. That’d make me an average CrossFitter.

And this, because it’s hilarious.

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