Insomnia, jet lag and sappiness

So I thought I’d jet lag beat, slept pretty solidly last night from 11-11:30 this morning so I figured I’d reset to Irish time. But no, I’m awake at 1:30 tonight. So bugger that.

So I’ll use this post to get the sappy/everything-is-awesome post out of the way. PJ, there may actually be zero FOGO in this, with the exception of the paragraph above. After that, I’ll recap Te Games and then see where to take my blog.

I remember being really pissed off in January when I’d stalled for a bit and missed CrossFit New England’s training camp. CFNE were the affiliate cup champions and so I figured this would elevate my game and also elevate the game of those I coached. While I’ve always wanted to be a decent athlete, it’s always been more important and more satisfying to me to be a great coach.

I also remember being frustrated that another one of my goals, to be a high level coach, hadn’t a clear path for me to achieve. I view CF primarily as a sport. Even though most of my clients do it for fun, and not to be serious competitors, training it as a sport is the best way to make progress too. That’s to The Outlaw himself for explaining that back in March.

Fast forward a few months later and just shortly after my thirtieth birthday I’m flying out to California to coach at The Games! Fuck Yeah!

As awesomely epic (and pants-wettingly exciting) as that was, I also was super proud that I could afford this, because CFI is my full time job. I essence, I get paid to do what I consider to be my life’s calling.

I was back in work today, and I loved just being able to share knowledge with people, and hopefully form, along with everything else that makes up CFI, the high point of their day. Pretty awesome feeling too.

So I guess my conclusion is that every shitty thing that happened to me, or the mistakes I’ve made, have in totality led me to this, and that’s pretty freakin sweet!

Now, if only I could get some sleep.

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