The State Where You Never Find a Dance Floor Empty

Amazingly, this is the first cheesecake I’ve had here. I had to explain to the New Worlders that cheesecake is a delivery system for whipped cream. The restaurant was out of cream, so they comped the cheesecake, win.


This song started off the day’s discussions on rap music.

Some highlights:

  • My geography of California is largely thanks to Dr. Dre. Snoop and Tupac had lesser roles.
  • Putting Ds on a bitch can mean a number of things.
  • You actually can’t be any geek of the street. One has got to be handy with the steel.
  • “Fuckers” in an Irish accent is hilarious to all New Worlders.
  • Even more hilarious is Tupac, spoken in an Irish accent, with commentary and questions. Pants-wettingly funny.

Oh, and God Bless Reebok (wtf!?)

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