“I wanna eat real food, meat and beer”

Quote of the day right there from Laura.

Sitting is not fun I’ve learnt. Don’t think I’ve ever sat so much in my life as I have in this trip. Tried snatching today but it honestly feels like someone else’s body. Hence serious mobility work was needed.

Enter Kelly Starrett, Supple Leopard.

K*Starr is the fucking DUDE! End of. So generous with his time and just an amazingly energetic person. He was setting up the Mobility WOD stand so I popped by. (Kelly had coached at my Level One, there’s an embarrassing video on the Internet somewhere of his interview with me). He told me to get some Voodoo floss and he’d show me how to use it.

Honestly, I was in agony when he taped above the knee, he got me to squat a few times and it was tight, like cut off the blood tight! But when he taped below the knee it was white hot pain. Felt like my kneecap was shoved through my femur. He asked me to squat and I could barely stand! I think I finally knew what the pain cave actually was!


Thanks Dude!

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