Driving in California, Jackie & Whole Foods

Up for about 24 hours at this stage and wanted to recap the day.

American prices are weird. You see a price, go to the counter, then they add on tax. Sneaky fuckers.

I drove on the wrong side of the road. Well actually, I took a few minutes to figure out how to get the over sized soccer mom mobile out of park and into drive. I couldn’t ask or they might take the car away from me. Then I drove the wrong way into a bus park. They don’t indicate on Freeways, nor do they yield to let you merge. But amazingly, I’ve avoided low walls for one day, even with passengers.

11 hours of sitting in a plane and my bedonkydonk is fried. The solution: Jackie. Yep, nothing like a shit load of thrusters to help your tight quads. A pedestrian 7:51.

Then on to whole foods with some nice folk from CrossFit LA


Tomorrow I’ll check out the touristy side of Santa Monica.

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