Leinsters 2012

Started a new blog, so here it is. I like the name of it.

Since Nationals was such a disaster, I hadn’t been feeling Olympic Lifting, particularly the Snatch, in the last few weeks. Also, getting into Outlaw and doing a concurrent Oly program wasn’t working well, so no PRs had come about in the last few weeks. To a degree, I’d found it hard to get excited about the snatch in the last while. The ongoing knee pain since before Nationals didn’t help either.

BUT (enough FOGO) I knew that if I did a comp, and got a good total, it would erase that. And after the first snatch, that’s what happened.

I’d planned a modest enough opener, 80Kg. I hit it twice in the warm up, and then missed the third warm up snatch. Immediately, I went for it again and got it handy enough.

On the platform, 80Kg flew up, like a piece of cake. So Wayne called 87Kg, which I hit again, without much effort. 93Kg was loaded, and had I not rushed it I think had it.

Cleans were a similar story, missed 100Kg in the warm up but said fuck it, weights are feeling light on the platform and hit it handily enough. 107’s jerk was a little soft and Neil Dougan told me 113 was there. I was a little nervous but cleaned it handily enough, then fluffed the jerk out in front.

Overall, definitely need to work more on lean back on the snatch, definitely very vertical on extension. Cleans will come on with the Front Squat and once I keep up with the mobility work my jerks have a lot more in them.

Down week now as I head to California for The Games, I might have mentioned that once or twice in the last few weeks.

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